Susana was born in Ecuador, her grandparents were professional photographers as well as her parents. Despite having studied a career in  Administration, and later attending Law school, her love for the art she has being surrounded her whole live was a motivation to dive into it professionally. This decision drove her to improve techniques, not only in the social photography area but also in the legal field where she worked for many years in the Superior Court of Justice of Tungurahua, Ecuador.

Arriving to the United States she continued her career of photography and worked for over 16 years in a professional photo lab where she was able to increase her  knowledge in renewing their system from traditional film based to digital, hence providing a better service to her community by making it available to more people.

Susana is a proud mother of  Daniel and Melissa to whom she dedicates her love capturing pictures of each special moments of their lives during family time, school, sports, dance and musical performance.  

Nowadays, Susana is also a Substitute Teacher, work that makes her feel blessed because it allows her to enjoy her passion and create amazing memories for her students and their parents.

In Tribute to her Teacher, Father and Friend Mr.  Washington Aviles (+).

"Photograps remember what time forgets. "